Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Global Partners is primarily focused on municipal, agricultural, food, tire and plastic waste projects for energy production including syngas, electricity, heat and combined solutions. We specialize on projects ranging from1MWe to 25MWe. Our programs are designed to be modular and scalable, allowing for optimal cost , cash, operation and maintenance as well as global standardization. Our technology choices, design, operation and maintenance areconceived to maximize 24/7 operation, use of local resources and permanent job creation.

Sustainable Global Partners operates world wide with regional focus in North America, LATAM, Europe, and the Carribean generating:

  • Scalable, standardized locally sourced clean alternative fuel, electricity and byproducts (Biochar and Activated Carbon)
  • 24/7 Reliable Base Load Electricity and Micro-Grid Projects
  • Individual Projects and Distributed Generation ranging from 1MWe to 25 MWe requiring small footprints
  • Sustainably managed end-to end projects that meet the highest U.S. and Global Environmental Regulatory Requirements
  • Local jobs, low energy cost and waste reduction, economic growth and community benefits


The Sustainable Global Partners team drives superior project execution and performance in each project across:

  • Financial, Operations, Technology and Business Risk Management
  • Clean Tech Development and Management
  • Scalable Construction, Operation & Maintenance
  • Economic, Business & Community Development
  • Reliable Renewable 24/7 power, fuel & gas
  • Institutional quality finance and investment management