Sustainable Energy Projects

Sustainable Global Partners builds collaborative and unique partnerships that create unquestioned ability to design, engineer, construct, operate and maintain our projects on or off grid 24/7 each day. Sustainable Global Partners  and its partners provide utility quality development, execution and monitoring performance. Each Sustainable Global Partners solution is developed and managed to be carbon neutral, scalable, standardized and to sustainably provide permanent local jobs, and develop our forests and agriculture. No government or economic subsidies are required.  We produce the cleanest synthetic gas in the world and are currently working to produce carbon negative solutions.  Each project is shipped fully manufactured and can be operational within 9-12 months of full permitting using standardized construction, operation and maintenance standards.

Projects in process include:

   Municipal Solid Waste Converted to Electricity & Potable Water

   Used Tires and Waste Water Treatment Sludge Converted to Electricity and Water

   Waste Water and Dairy Cow Manure Converted to Electricity, Potable Water and Drinking Water