About Us

SGP identifies the need for new and restructured sustainable generation, alternative oil/gas and related infrastructure and works with our customers including utilities, electricity companies, municipalities, governmental agencies, commercial, community and agricultural entities to deliver reliable, stable renewable power that lowers costs and stabilizes electricity grids.

SGP Development converts locally sourced organic municipal solid waste, old tires, sludge, and animal and agricultural waste  into synthetic natural gas, transportation fuel, electricity, sellable byproducts and/or heat. We specialize in standardizing the right technology solution with local needs and resources into optimized 24/7 solutions on and off grid. Our solutions are supported by solar, wind and storage options for peaking generation as deemed necessary. We partner with select and superior technology and service companies to create master, scalable programs and have unique skill and experience working with emerging commercialized technologies. Our expertise extends to island nations and underdeveloped electricity grids, managing to safely lower electricity cost while maintaining and improving grid stability, increasing local jobs and reducing waste. Further, we are working with groups to convert existing and costly utility scale base load diesel and oil fueled power plants into retrofitted synthetic gas fueled plants that sustain reliability, lower cost and improve operating efficiency.

SGP provides integrated funding programs for each project. Sustainable Global Partners also partners with equity investors and lenders under targeted programs to acquire sustainable power generation assets that are at or near operational status. Our focus is to acquire these assets and utilize our development, operations, technological and financial expertise to improve their commercial, environmental and physical value.